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100 Days of Makeup: Day 24 I’m Back!


So you’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted anything for a few days now. Since last Thursday to be exact. I mentioned on Day 23‘s post that it was my sister’s graduation that day, then I had my graduation on Friday. There is honestly no feeling like knowing you’re completely done with school/college and don’t have any deadlines or stress looming. I of course did my makeup for my graduation on Friday, but the makeup pictures didn’t turn out so great (I mean they were taken at 6AM…) so I just decided to skip posting that day.

Then, over the weekend my dad (AKA personal photographer) had some problems with his camera and photo storage so I couldn’t really do makeup and get it photographed. Instead, I spent nearly all my time working on my makeup room. I’d say it’s about 75% done right now, it’s just the little things left. Yesterday I spent the day going to buy the rest of my makeup storage, so that all my makeup is now safe and pretty! But most importantly, can be moved easily when things like lighting and painting has to be done.

So back to today, I honestly didn’t realise how much difference 4 days would make. It totally threw me off, and I didn’t enjoy everything as much as I knew I had been! So as of today I’m going to try my best to not take breaks. I know sometimes they’re needed, especially when things need to get done (because it’s surprising how much of your day can disappear just through makeup, photographing then finally getting a blog post written). But, if I do need to take breaks it will only be 1-2 days maximum! This is because, even though all this is more work than I ever anticipated, I don’t regret doing it for a second. And enjoy it so much it makes up for everything else!

Now enough of my rambling and back to the makeup!

100 Days of Makeup: Day 24 look

I was a little lost for inspiration today so I totally winged it, and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome! It showed me that even when you doubt yourself and feel like you’re stuck in a rut (in this case of not doing makeup), if you’re passionate and put enough into it it’ll work out!

makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 24

Makeup Details:

  • Eyes: NYX ultimate shadow palette in Warm Neutrals, Urban Decay vice 4 palette, Morphe 35c palette.
  • Lips: Jeffree Star liquid lipstick ‘714’

I also wanted to quickly mention a few of the sites I frequently shop at. It can be hard living in Europe trying to find places that stock hard to find brands (AKA American brands) in Europe to avoid customs charges, and even harder finding places that then don’t have crazy shipping costs. So these are a few of my favourite places to buy makeup that are either in Sweden or ship here. (Even though I’m looking at shipping to Sweden they would work all throughout Europe!)

  1. Beautybay: UK company that stocks a whole range of American brands (Morphe, Jeffree Star, LA Girl, Violet Voss), they always have really great offers and it’s nearly always free shipping!
  2. Cult Beauty: Another UK company that stocks brands like Jouer, Huda Beauty and Charlotte Tilbury. Shipping is only like £5 but I think they have a free shipping code for new customers.
  3. Boots: They have pretty much all drugstore brands, but what makes them special is not only is everything a little cheaper than in Sweden but they have so many ‘Buy one get one free’ or ‘free gift’ offers. Although shipping is like £9.99, but if you order a whole bunch of stuff it still works out cheaper!
  4. Colorsvibe: I’ve never personally ordered from here but they are an official Swedish supplier of Jeffree Star Cosmetics so if you wanted to get some Jeffree products but didn’t want to order in a foreign currency then check this site out!
  5. House of Beauty: I believe this is a Polish site. They stock brands like Coastal Scents, Ofra and I think Kylie Cosmetics. But don’t hold me to it as it changes all the time! Shipping takes about 1 to 2 weeks but sometimes you get a free gift, like one time my sister got a free eyeshadow.
  6. Brallis: Another Swedish site that stocks things like Morphe and La girl, they also have crazy fast shipping!
  7. Beautylish: If all else fails then check out beautylish! Although its an American site you pay all customs charges directly. This means you won’t have to risk getting a nasty customs charge when your delivery turns up!

I know in the beginning, for me, it was hard to find places to buy different brands. Especially when I didn’t want to order directly from the brand to risk customs fees. I thought it could be useful for anyone living in Europe trying to get things from some of these brands! (Of course they all stock so many other brands but these are just the ones I use them for).

NOTE: This post is not sponsored in any way. I’m just sharing sites that either myself, family or friends have purchased from in the past. Colorsvibe is the only exception (as I haven’t purchased anything from there yet) but I wanted to give that option incase anyone preferred shopping from within Sweden.

I really hope you liked todays look and that my list helps someone out! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for my 100 Days of Makeup Day 25 look!

Until next time

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