100 Days of Makeup

100 Days of Makeup: Day 32


So I know Day 32 of my 100 days of makeup should have been posted yesterday, but I decided to give myself the day of because… It was my birthday!!! I’m officially 19, my last year of being a teenager. And honestly that is crazy scary. I don’t feel like I am responsible enough to be classified as an adult, let alone think about the fact than soon I won’t even be able to call myself a teenager. What’s even scarier is the fact that my little sister is now 17!! I just can’t think about it. Seriously, if I think about it I start to go crazy, so therefor I just don’t. That’s how my birthday successfully crept up on my this year without me knowing.

And that’s where thinking about my age will stop, because otherwise I won’t be able to sleep tonight because of stress, lol.

I’ve also discovered, a makeup look that is pretty can still be boring. That’s kind of how I feel about today’s look. I’ve been doing so many colourful and creative things lately that today just feels kind of like a let down. I tried to tone it down a little because I wasn’t sure if I was going out and didn’t want to go out with crazy makeup. (Although I have done in the past!) So from now on I’m going to stop playing it safe! If  I have to go out then maybe I won’t do something with crazy colours but it won’t be boring! That’s a promise to myself!

So as for tomorrow, I do actually have to go out in the daytime and then go to a party on the night. And I don’t think I have time/ can be bothered to redo my makeup. So that will be the real challenge, do something not too crazy for the daytime that I can maybe switch he lip to make it more ‘dressed up’ for the night. But also something I’m happy with and doesn’t make me want to cry. (Overdramatic but I guess thats just me)

But let’s be honest everyone that knows me in real life knows I don’t really do casual. Like at all. And honestly I’m okay with that. Because I’ve tried to dress down for certain occasions and then I automatically feel too dressed down and not comfortable and it makes me self conscious the whole time. So if I decide to wear lashes verging on drag-ish and decide to go to the supermarket then I will. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m promising myself that I’m going to do makeup I enjoy doing and am happy with first, and adapt to the occasion second! (Whether that means I go out looking like the next Drag Superstar or with no makeup at all)

100 Days of Makeup: Day 32 look

makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 32 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 32 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 32 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 32

Makeup Details:

  • Eyes: NikkietutorialsXTooFaced The Power of Makeup Palette, Jeffree Star liquid lip in Pumpkin Pie
  • Lips: Jeffree Star liquid lip in Pumpkin Pie

I hope you liked today’s look and I hope you’re as excited for tomorrow’s as I am!

Until next time

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