100 Days of Makeup

100 Days of Makeup: Day 2

Hi and welcome back to my blog!

Today is day 2 of my 100 days of makeup challenge, and I’ve realised it really is going to be a challenge. I think yesterday I got lucky and took at least 2 photos I liked, but now today every picture was compared to yesterday’s and I never like them as much. But I managed it! All I will say is moms rule, and are great for giving you that reassurance in tough moments! Without her I would have found it a lot harder finding a good picture to post.

Also having a dad that loves Instagram helps with the photo taking! (@bikewatch2000)

It’s crazy how yesterday everything seemed to go perfectly and give me so much hope that these 100 days were going to be easy but then I start today and my makeup sponge puts tiny fluff pieces on my face, my eyelashes don’t go on as perfect as I’d like (I’m a bit of a perfectionist incase I didn’t mention that) and I smudged dark brown eyeshadow where it shouldn’t have been. But somehow I still managed to pull myself together, not have a meltdown and actually take a photo, to be honest this was probably because I love the glitter and lipstick  I’m wearing I was willing to accept the rest, haha.

Just a side note if any of you are thinking of doing something to challenge yourself and push you out of your comfort zone (within reason, and with something you feel somewhat comfortable in) then I say go for it! It’s going to be scary as hell but it will be worth it, like I know when these 100 days are up its all going to be worth it!

So onto today’s look! I decided (after a fabulous suggestion from my best friend) to do glitter today and I absolutely love it! Green glitter and hazel eyes is a perfect combination!

Makeup details:


  • Urban Decay Vice 4 palette
  • Too Faced X Nikkietutorials the power of makeup palette
  • ELF glitter primer
  • Nyx roll on glitter “06 olive”
  • Cuci yours “762” lashes

Lips: Rimmek apocalips “101 celestial”

Glow: Becca X Jaclyn Hill face palette “champagne pop”&”prosecco pop”

I hope you enjoyed today’s look and are as excited about tomorrow as I am!

Have an amazing day and see you soon!

Jesse 💖

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