100 Days of Makeup

100 Days of Makeup: Day 3

We’re now on day 3/100 and I think I’m starting to get the hang of this a little more. I’m starting to be able to think about how to take photos that look the best (and I hate the least), and the things I need to think about when doing my makeup that will make the photos look better but that I don’t normally do (like cleaning up underneath bronzer so you get a sharper line). No way in hell am I going to figure this out by tomorrow but maybe by day 100 I may be getting there, but who knows?

I’ve decided that I’m going to use these 100 days as an experimentation period, both for the actual makeup looks I create and actually creating content for Instagram and even this blog. I’m going to try and do makeup that I haven’t tried before or don’t usually gravitate towards like winged liner or super abstract makeup art. I’m also going to keep experimenting everyday with different angles and lighting and even facial expressions  in photos. Finally I’m probably going to change up how I start, end and even how I write this blog till I find a place I feel comfortable and like what I’m putting out there. Of course which means any feedback, be it constructive or positive, is more than welcome! So I’d love it if you left a comment down below with your thoughts!

So back to day 3, I decided to try blue eyeshadow today, because I’d seen an amazing Instagram post that inspired me, and because I’ve never really experimented with blue eyeshadow before. Turns out I freaking love blue eyeshadow! Anyway here are some photos from today’s look!

Makeup Details:

  • On the eyes I used; Morphe 35c palette for the blue, Too Faced X Nikkietutorials the power of makeup palette for the gold, Inglot’s gel liner in 77, and Makeup Store microshadow in meteor for inner corner and brow bone highlight.
  • For the lips I used the Jeffree Star Cosmetics X MannyMUA collaboration liquid lipstick in shade Daddy.

I really hope you love today’s look as much as I do! And please leave me your comments and thoughts down below as well as following my blog down at the bottom right hand side of the page so you get updates every time I post.

Have an amazing day and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Jesse 💙

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