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100 Days of Makeup: Day 39 Chrome Collection 4/8


Okay so the most important thing I want to say today is that I freaking love pinterest!! I’d accepted the life of screenshotting instagram pictures as makeup inspiration, then losing them in my never ending camera roll. But then my mom told me I should try pinterest because she’s always seeing makeup looks on there she loves. (She loves using pinterest for decorating and craft ideas.) So I decided to download the app and see for myself. And seriously it’s so amazing for finding inspiration pictures! Like I have a whole pinterest board full of them! And this way they’ll never get lost in a bunch of random dog pictures lol. So if you haven’t got it yet then what are you waiting for??? (also if you have any tips about using it or who posts cool looks then let me know!)

So for today’s makeup I used one of my new pinterest inspiration pictures! It was a pretty simple winged out smokey eye. I thought this would be a good idea cause I’ve got some pretty bold ideas planned (and my collab is fast approaching!! Ahhh!! I’m so excited!). So I thought a toned down simple smokey eye would be a nice change. And I actually really like how it turned out, it’s simple but not if that makes sense?


100 Days of Makeup: Day 39 look

makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 39
makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 39
makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 39
makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 39

Makeup Details:

  • Eyes: I used the W7 In the Buff Lightly Toasted palette in the crease, as well as some of the browns from the Morphe 35c palette. Then I used some of the gold shades from the Violet Voss X Laura Lee palette on my lower lashline.
  • Lips: Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Family Jewels (This is such a pretty brown shade btw!! I was surprised by how much I liked this!)

I really hope you like today’s look and I have a surprise for tomorrows post!

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