100 Days of Makeup

100 Days of Makeup: Day 40 Doing My Sister’s Makeup


So as you’ve probably noticed today’s look is not on me but on my sister! And surprisingly I didn’t have to force her to do this. She actually volunteered!

So doing makeup on someone else is pretty different to doing it on yourself. You’re looking straight on at the person so the way you use the brushes etc changes. Also you have to actually say outloud when you’d like them to move or do something specific. But most importantly everybody has different skin, eye shapes, eye colours etc which means the things you do on yourself may not work on this other person. So in this case it meant I had to change how I did the eyeshadow, because my sister has hooded eyes whereas I don’t. Which was a little tricky but not too bad.

I also did eyeliner on her without tape!!!! Like i know i’d been doing okay with eyeliner on myself, but that was with the help of my trusty cellotape. But this eyeliner I did totally freehand. On a totally new eyeshape!! And I’m honestly so proud of myself!

One last thing; I’ve said it a lot before that I predicted doing eyeliner and lashes on someone else would be easier than doing it on yourself. And today I got to find out if I was right. At least for me anyway, I find this to be the case. Because you can see all the way round the eye and nothing is getting in the way. It wasn’t easy but I think it went okay.

Overall I’m really happy with how everything turned out. Even Grace really liked it, the only thing she wasn’t keen on was the blusher. But I understand that because she never really wears it.

100 Days of Makeup: Day 40 look

makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 40 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 40 makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 40

Makeup Details:

  • Eyes: Nys ultimate eye shadow palette in warm neutrals in the crease. Then the morphe 35c palette in the crease, on the lid and on the lower lashline.
  • Lips: Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Butt Naked.

I really hope you like today’s look and let me know if you enjoyed seeing me do makeup on someone else!

(PS If this all feels rushed then I’m sorry. I’m pushed for time right now and it was either get it up now or like 10pm tonight)

Until next time

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