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100 Days of Makeup: Day 41 Chrome Collection 5/8


So today’s look is using the Jeffree Star lipstick in shade Hunty. the second nude in the collection. As usual I had no idea what eye look I was going to do. So my sister decided I was going to do a green halo eye. So thats what I did. I think it’s always fun to do a look someone else suggests because someone explains their idea for you. But then you get to interpret it in your own way and create something of your own. Even thought it may not always be what the person had in mind. Which is what happened today, this isn’t what Grace had imagined, but I like how it turned out!

At the end of this Jeffree Chrome collection miniseries I will be posting a little review on the 8 shades in the collection. But I can already say right now that the formula in the nude shades is soo much better! I expected the nude beach/ 714 formula just in different shades. (which for those that don’t know can be a little streaky so you have to work with it a little to get a nice even application.)  But DAMN they are not like that! They are so pigmented and opaque with just one swipe! If you want to know what I think about the rest of the shades you’ll have to wait for my review!

100 Days of Makeup: Day 41 look

So this is my first successful eyeliner without using tape!! As you’ve probably seen, I’d started doing winged liner here and there but what you didn’t know was I always did it using tape! But not today! Today was totally freehand! I know I still have a long way to go when it comes to eyeliner but progress is progress right?

makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 41
makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 41
makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 41
makeupbyjesse 100 days of makeup: day 41

Makeup Details:

  • Eyes: For the eyes I used the NYX warm neutrals eye shadow palette along with the morphe 35c in the crease, inner and outer corners. Then on the centre of the lid I used the ViotletVossXLauraLee palette. And I just did the same thing on the lower lashline.
  • Lips: Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in shade Hunty.

I hope you enjoyed this look and I’ll have another one for you soon!

Until next time

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