100 Days of Makeup

100 Days of Makeup: Day 8

So we’re now on day 8, over one week in.

I would have thought by now that things would have started getting easier. But they haven’t… These past couple of days have been the hardest. When you cannot stand somebody taking your picture, or even when if you look at a picture of yourself too long you just hate it more and more. It’s even worse when you have someone willing to spend their time taking these photo’s and you don’t know why but you don’t like any of them. But I know it has nothing to do with the pictures or the person taking them, It’s just  something I have to work on.

One of the hardest thing’s I’ve had to do, is to just trust other people and post a picture of myself online when I don’t even like it. It gets even more confusing when it starts to get likes, a lot of likes (which for me just starting out is about 50). I don’t understand it… that everyone else doesn’t judge me as hard as I judge myself.

It’s crazy and confusing and I can’t explain why I feel and think the way I do. But I’m doing my best to just try to be more positive, and when I’m having a moment where I want to delete everything and cry I just take a minute because I know it will pass. Not that I’ll suddenly feel great but that I’ll feel better, and like I can handle the world a bit better.

I don’t want to turn this blog into somewhere that’s filled with negativity but I just wanted to share this, that that nervousness and those other feelings I talked about in Day 1 haven’t just gone away, that I’m still working on it, and that thats okay!

Now back to the fun stuff: makeup!

For today’s look I just opened up my morphe palette and did whatever I felt like in the moment, I ended up being really pleased with how it turned out!


Makeup Details:

  • Eyes: Morphe 35c palette all over lid
  • Lips: Nyx wicked lippies ‘power’

I hope you love how it turned out as much as I did! And if you have any thoughts, comments or recommendations to this post then leave them down in the comments!

Until next time


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