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First Impression: Jeffree Star You.Better.Work Bundle

So as you can probably guess I finally got my Jeffree Star You.Better.Work Bundle! I thought I’d start of with doing a first impressions. So what my initial thoughts are about the shades in the bundle, and then the packaging it all came in. Then I was thinking about creating a look with each of the shades, and making it into a mini-series for the next 8 days in my 100 days of makeup. Then on either the 8th or 9th day I will finish off with with a final review. As I can then truthfully comment on the formula and wearability etc as to whether they’re as good as his other lipsticks.

This is my first time doing a first impressions post so I’m going to break it down into the two main components: Packaging & Lipstick Shades. Then do a final summary of my initial thoughts at the end.


makeupbyjesse first impression   makeupbyjesse first impression  makeupbyjesse first impression  makeupbyjesse first impression first impression

So here is what the You.Better.Work bundle box looks like, and how everything came when it arrived.

(I apologise if the pictures aren’t too good. It’s my first time taking pictures of products, so I promise I’ll get better at it!)

The box is like this shiny metallic pink colour, with Jeffree’s logo and ‘You.Better.Work. Velour Liquid Lipstick Collection’ on the top. Then on the bottom of the box you have a list of the shades included, Jeffree’s website as well as all his social media information. On the inside lid you have Jeffree’s logo again, then inside you have the lipsticks themselves.

So just stopping here a second. The box itself does not feel cheap and looks pretty well made and so far I’m really pleased with it! I’m not sure what i’m going to do with it yet but for now I think I’ll just display it on my makeup vanity until I decide. The box was definitely one of the reasons I brought the bundle, and I’m super pleased that I did! I think it’s a perfect addition to somebody’s growing collection but would still be perfecting for someone not as obsessed as me who wants something to store their makeup in.

Now back to the lipsticks! As you probably all know this Summer’s limited edition packaging is Silver Chrome. So the boxes are all Silver with hot pink and black writing, which I personally think looks so classy! Like I love his regular pink, but this just feels so much more luxurious. The packaging of the actual lipstick tube follows this pattern, with their silver chrome caps.

So overall packaging wise I think this collection is stunning! I love how the box stays very true to Jeffree with the pink, but I think the chrome colouring makes everything feel much more high end. (If that even makes sense?)

Lipstick Shades

makeupbyjesse first impression
L-R: Candyass, Venus Flytrap, Butt Naked, Calabasas, Flamboyant, You.Better.Work, Family Jewels & Hunty

makeupbyjesse first impression

So here you get a sneak peak of all the shades on the boxes, which I honestly never really pay so much attention to. I’m so eager to get to the lipstick itself, I look at the name then move on.

Then here’re what they all look like in the tube’s. I don’t have any favourites as of yet, but straight away I loved the collection of colours! You have some metallics, some nudes, then you have some more daring shades. I really like how Jeffree’s Holiday & Summer collections have a variety of shades, because it allows you to try a range of his colours before you buy more. A great thing with this collection is that it includes metallics, because now I can try Jeffree’s metallic formula without spending extra money. (It might seem weird to buy 8 lipsticks to see what other’s you like, but to me it makes sense. Hopefully you kind of understand the method to my madness!)

makeupbyjesse first impression makeupbyjesse first impression makeupbyjesse first impression

Now here comes the swatches: L-R: Butt Naked, Calabasas, Venus Flytrap, Family Jewels, Hunty, You.Better.Work, Flamboyant, Candyass.

They’re all honestly stunning! I think the shades I’m instantly drawn to are: Candyass because it literally looks like liquid metal & Butt Naked because it looks like such a pretty nude!

But honestly I know I’m going to have so much fun creating looks to go with each shade. Which is what makes buying the bundle worth it to me! (Also the fact that my goal is to have a complete Jeffree Star liquid lip collection.)

Swatch wise, they all swatched nice and pigmented. I didn’t have any problems with streakiness or patchiness which was great! Sometimes with the super nude colours this can happen, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Final Thoughts:

I am honestly super excited to play with all of these shades! I get that the whole thing costs a lot of money, and If I wasn’t so obsessed I probably wouldn’t have brought them all. But I do genuinely think these shades are so pretty and that most skin tones would look amazing int hem! (I don’t want to say all because I don’t feel like I’m qualified to make that judgement you know?) So would I say you HAVE to have them all… No. But I do think that if there’s a couple of shades you like then GO FOR IT! I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it!

Did you get any of the Summer 2017 collection? If you did I’d love to hear about what you got!

So as of tomorrow my 100 Days of Makeup: Chrome Summer Collection mini series begins! (I think that’s what I’ll call it but I guess we’ll see tomorrow.)

Until next time

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