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Soph X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette Review!

So this post is definitely long overdue, but after purchasing a bunch of new palettes I thought I’d better get on with posting reviews of them! Starting with the Soph X Revolution original collaboration. (So both the eyeshadow palette and highlighter collection). I have now got Sophdoesnails new palette in collaboration with Revolution but haven’t played with that one as much to be able to review it.

Ultra Eyeshadows Palette:

Starting with the eyeshadow palette, I have to say it does have a very sleek and professional feel to the packaging. Which is surprising when you think about the price point and that Revolution is a very affordable brand. The whole matte cream aesthetic is very pretty and feels very sturdy. Unlike my old Revolution contour palette which (okay I dropped it) but broke and now doesn’t click closed.

Revolution X Soph palette original box

Soph X Revolution original collaboration palettes

The only thing I would of liked is if the shade names were written on the palette instead of the plastic sheet. As it would just be much easier. But she did include this in her next collaboration the extra spice palette. I think it’s so nice that she listens to peoples suggestions and you can actually see it in this new palette. (A review of the extra spice palette will definitely be coming soon!)

Soph X Revolution original collaboration palettes

The colour scheme I’m also impressed with. You get plenty of your warm and cool neutrals. But also some pops of colour, both matte and shimmery/glittery. Which to me means I can create so many different looks! A couple of the brighter matte shades come out slightly different on the eye than they look in the pan. But this isn’t something that bothers me too much. The only real ‘negative’ I have is some of the shimmer shades aren’t as pigmented initially as others. But if I put a concealer or some kind of base underneath they work much better. Which honestly isn’t a problem it’s just those colours I may not necessarily use on days where I’m running a bit late.

Soph X Revolution original collaboration palette swatches
Soph X Revolution original collaboration palette swatches
Soph X Revolution original collaboration palette swatches

The price point of £10 is just mind blowing! That Revolution Beauty and Sophdoesnails managed to come up with this palette, which has stunning packaging and amazing quality for the £10 that you’re paying for it! This to me proves that even drugstore brands can come out with quality products while still keeping their more budget-friendly price tag.

Highlighter Palette:

Again they kept with the matte cream packaging, which I love! But this time the top is see through so you can see the highlighters through the packaging. To me when you create something so pretty why not let it speak for itself. And again very sturdy packaging.

Soph X Revolution highlighter palette

Shade-wise I do believe Soph succeeded in her goal to make something everyone of every skin tone could use. It has everything from a super white shade for super pale people like me to deeper bronzey-golds which would be perfect for people with darker skin tones. And of course everything you could need in between! Surprising to me I can actually use quite a few of the shades (not just the white one) and can mix quite a few of them together. The only two I can’t use as highlighter are the bottom two on the right. But they just become eyeshadows instead! Any and all combinations I’ve tried are blinding so this palette definitely gets a yes from me!

Soph X Revolution highlighter palette swatches
Soph X Revolution highlighter palette swatches
Soph X Revolution highlighter palette swatches

At only £8 you definitely can’t go wrong with this palette!

I purchased both my palettes from but I believe you can get them in most countries now and you can also order them from Revolution Beauty. I’m not 100% sure if they’re limited edition but I don’t think so as they’ve now been around for quite a few months.

The look I created:

I’ve used both palettes quite a few times. For this review I thought I’d show a look I’d done using the warmer pinkier shades in the palette.

Soph X Revolution palette lookSoph X Revolution palette look

Until next time!

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