Jeffree Star Swatches & Reviews

Jeffree Star Valentine’s Day Collection Swatches & Review

I know it’s a little late to be reviewing a valentines day collection… But better late than never!

I finally got around to playing a little with the liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star’s most recent collection. I’ve got some arm swatches, lip swatches and then I’ll even be giving a short review of what I think of the colour itself and the application.

As anyone who’s followed me for a while knows my absolute favourite liquid lip formula is Jeffree Star’s! Nearly all of the ones I own are super pigmented (nearly because some nudes & red colours need a little finessing but the end result is definitely worth it) and all of them are super comfortable to wear and I can have them on for a full 8+ hour day and only really have to reapply once possibly twice.

But back to the Valentines Day collection! In this collection was 4 liquid lipsticks, bullet lipsticks, lip scrubs and the Blood Sugar palette. Everything is limited edition except the Blood Sugar palette, as I’m not 100% if thats limited or going to be part of his regular collection. I only got the liquid lips as that was what I was most excited for!

Here’s what the packaging looked like and swatches of the shades;

JS valentines day lipsticks
JS valentines day lipsticks
JS valentines day lipsticks

The boxes are a kind of reflective metallic red and that actual lipsticks have red metallic caps, which I think is just perfect for this as a Valentines day set. I don’t really get super excited over packaging (unless it’s his pink glitter capped collection) so thats all I really have to say about that.

JS valentines day lipsticks swatches
L-R: Self Control, Romeo, Problematic & Restraints

Now onto the lip swatches!

Self Control:

JS valentines day lipstick Self Control

This shade is described as “A beautiful lilac purple!” on Jeffree’s site which I totally agree with. The only shade similar to this that I’ve got is Virginity but that’s a lot brighter and much more summery whereas Self Control is a lot deeper. It’s definitely a colour nothing like anything he’s ever done and it actually surprised me with how much I loved this shade!


JS valentines day lipstick Problematic

Problematic is a cross between a purple and a berry colour, which I think makes it perfect as both a Valentines shade but it also reminds me a bit of autumn. And it is 100% wearable all year round! I always fall into ruts of wearing more neutral colours but everytime something more vibrant comes out I’m surprised just how unscary wearing bold colours is!


JS valentines day lipstick Romeo

This shade I think everybody should own! Seriously! Its just enough pink to be noticeable but not too bright that makes it unwearable. I can see this easily being one of my favourite’s this summer! <3


JS valentines day lipstick Restraints

The last colour in the collection is this “unique silver/gunmetal” as its describes as on the JSC website. Im not really in love with this colour as a lipstick, at least not on my skin tone. But I can imagine it will be stunning as an eyeliner or on the waterline, which is what makes these lipsticks great. They’re all eye safe so can be used as liner or on the waterline too! Making even the shades I’m not a huge fan of still totally useable!

Final Thoughts:

Overall I’m super happy with this collection! I think the lipsticks definitely bring something new that Jeffree hasn’t done before and ¾ of them I think are totally wearable on a whole range of skin tones all year round! I honestly don’t think I could pick a favourite shade, I’ve narrowed it down to Self Control or Romeo but from there I just can’t choose. And even with there being one shade I’ll probably never wear as lipstick again, it will still make an amazing eyeliner so it’s still a win!



So that was all for this mini review! I hoped you enjoyed reading it and as always I’d love to hear your thoughts down below! Do you agree? Did you get anything from this collection? What are your thoughts?

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