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JSC Blood Sugar Palette Review & First Impression!

Okay, I wish I could start this post by saying I finally got my hands on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar palette… But instead this is my sisters birthday present which I borrowed for this post…

So as much as I want this palette for myself I thought this was the perfect opportunity to test it out and see if it really is a palette I NEED in my life.


Full Face Blood Sugar Palette Packaging

Right off the bat the packaging is stunning! It’s shaped like an old VHS which I think is such a different idea for a palette. And everything feels very sturdy and well made!

The shades:

Full Face Blood Sugar Palette Full Face Blood Sugar Palette Swatches

Recently I haven’t been using as many red eyeshadows, which is why I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be getting this palette. Even seeing them in person, they are really pretty shades but I just didn’t know if they were shades I needed to have in my collection.

But it was the swatches that first started to convince me. The shades were soo pigmented but swatched smoothly on the skin. (I don’t just do one swipe but especially with matte shades I blend them out a little as I swatch)

I also wanted to talk about the shade names a little. The entire campaign was centrered around a being in a dentists. So all the shade names are within that theme, which I think is just another thing making the palette stick out that little bit more.

(But if I’m being honest it was definitely the hot pink Cavity shade that makes this palette to die for!)

Actually using the palette:

When I eventually got round to using the palette I knew I wanted to do something with the pink Cavity shade, and a look where I could incorporate Diva velour liquid lipstick too. I honestly had no plan when I started and just made it up as I went along.  But this is the look I came up with;

Full Face Blood Sugar Palette Diva Lipstick Look
Full Face Blood Sugar Palette Diva Lipstick Look

All the shades applied so beautifully and were so easy to blend! I just loved how the look turned out and I think it’s about time I did a pink look!

Final Thoughts:

So my final thoughts are that I DEFINITELY need this palette! The colours were far more vibrant on the eyes and are certainly something different than others I have in my makeup collection!

I love the look of the Beauty Killer and Androgyny palettes but the Blood Sugar palette speaks to me more! I will definitely be needing all 3 eventually but I think I’ll be starting with the Blood Sugar palette!

Overall I think the palette is definitely worth the money and I can highly recommend it to any of you who are still considering whether you need it!

I hope you liked the look I created and let me know if you want to see more looks I create using this palette!

Until next time,

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Dont forgot to check out my video of this look over on my Instagram!

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