Turning 20: One Week Later

So one week ago today it was my birthday; I finally turned 20. Honestly though, nothing really feels any different. I know I’m probably supposed to say everything changed or different now I’m no longer a teenager but an adult. But honestly it doesn’t. 😂 I guess that might be because I don’t really think of myself as being 20 yet. To be honest I never really sit there thinking about my age anyway. It’s only felt more real when I was asked how old I was now and I half said 19 before I realised that wasn’t true anymore.

I guess this post is one of the first that will be less makeup focused and more life related. Which is something I want to start doing more of! For example; reviews of other things beauty related and just posts about my life I guess. (I’ve recently redororated my bedroom and beauty room so was planning on doing some kind of tour post maybe?) Whether anyone is interested in reading that kind of posts is another matter, I hope some of you are! Otherwise for right now I’m happy with my blog being somewhere I can write for me and anyone else enjoying it or finding it helpful being a bonus!

The Strange Request

A few days before my birthday I posted on Instagram these two photos;

20th birthday presents Birthday display cupboards

The first picture is of my birthday presents from my family which had been in our living room for nearly a week on purpose! They all knew it would drive me crazy because I don’t like surprises. I prefer to be the one doing the surprising!

The second picture is some new display cabinets that I’d been told I needed to get to go with some of my birthday presents. A little backstory is that both my sisters have something that they collect and can display or have a collection of things they collect. Which I don’t have, so I’d been saying for nearly a year now that I wanted to find something that I could collect and display in either my bedroom or beauty room. (Apart from my Jeffree Star lipsticks of course!)

Then a couple of weeks before my birthday they told me they’d found something but I would have to buy display cabinets before my birthday otherwise I’d have nowhere to keep them. Which was also damn frustrating because I wanted to know what it was but at the same time didn’t want to spoil the surprise for myself. Which made it a few very annoying weeks!

The Surprises

Finally the day of my birthday came. It didn’t get off to much of a good start with waking up nearly 2 hours late, rushing like hell to get to work on time (yes I’m the idiot that didn’t book my birthday off) and then working until 3:30pm to then drive home for 1 and a half hours in the boiling heat in a car with no AC.

But by 5 I was home and could finally open my presents that had been tormenting me for weeks before we went to get some birthday pizza to celebrate.

Birthday presents opened; kosta boda make up sculptures, unicorn pyjamas and key ring & jeffree star mirror in hot pink

Honestly I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for everything I got! 💖

I finally got my hands on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics hot pink mirror which I’ve wanted for SO LONG! And of course it wouldn’t be a good day if I didn’t get anything unicorn! 🦄

On to the surprise…

Kosta Boda Make Up sculptures bunÅsa Jungnelius

The Kosta Boda Make Up sculptures by Åsa Jungnelius!

I think I may have see one of these before a long time ago but never knew what they were, and it was never anything I came across when looking for something to collect. So a huge thank you to my Mom who was the one who found them! And thank you to my Mom, Dad, Nan, Uncle and Sisters for these!

Crystal vanity set

I want to say thank you to my Uncle as well who got me this crystal vanity set! We have no idea what they are or who they were made by but I think they’re so pretty! They will look so good either in my beauty room or in my display cabinets!



I know this posts been a little long so thank you to anyone who’s made it this far! Overall even with the crappy start the day I had I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! I hope all of you had/ have an amazing birthday this year! And remember it’s never about how much you spend but the thought that’s behind it!

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