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Collab: Vibrant Glitter Party with ab.beaut

So todays post is a little different! It’s about my collab with a fellow makeup lover ab.beaut over on Instagram. This is my first ever collab, and to be honest I was pretty darn nervous. I didn’t know how anything would work, wether we would be able to agree, whether it would be super stressful… Basically I knew very little and being in that situation normally worries me.

But honestly it couldn’t have gone better! It was Amber’s (the girl behind ab.beaut) first collab too so we had to figure it out together a little bit. Which I think was one of the things that made it so successful, because we could both put our opinions forward, and question each other. To make sure everything made sense and we were on the same page every step of the way! It really felt like a collaboration and not something where one person was better than the other. Even though her Instagram presence is a lot bigger than mine it didn’t seem to affect anything!

So before I start sharing our looks I just want to say a huge thank you to Amber to making this such an amazing experience! And if you haven’t checked out her instagram page then you totally should because she is amazing at what she does!

Vibrant Glitter Party Collab: My Look

So for my look I found a little inspiration on pinterest (because where else?!) of an eye look with eyeliner and some coloured spots on the lid. But I of course had to make it pink, and I wanted to add lots of sparkle and just make it a little extra, if that makes sense? So thats how I ended up with this pink liner, with pink spots and a covering of jewels and gems makeup look!

makeupbyjesse makeup collab ab.beaut vibrant glitter party
makeupbyjesse makeup collab ab.beaut vibrant glitter party
makeupbyjesse makeup collab ab.beaut vibrant glitter party
makeupbyjesse makeup collab ab.beaut vibrant glitter party

Makeup Details:

I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I honestly didn’t use so many products!

Eyes: The winged liner was Jeffree Star’s Watermelon Soda, the spots were Watermelon Soda, Calabasas, Flamboyant, Candyass, Butt Naked, 714 and Unicorn Blood. Then I used nail gems and regular face&body glitter on and around the eyes. I also used the morphe 35c palette on the lower lashline.

Lips were Jeffree Star Flamboyant with the highlighter from the Makeup Revolution Powder Contour Kit over the top.

Vibrant Glitter Party Collab: ab.beaut ‘s Look

Where I went with spots Amber went with lines, which I think compliment each other so well! And where I went with pink, Amber went with blue! I honestly love how her look turned out and think its just so pretty! But if you want to see the rest of her pictures from this look you’ll have to head over to her Instagram to check them out!

makeupbyjesse makeup collab ab.beaut vibrant glitter party

100 Days of Makeup Update:

So as you all may have noticed I haven’t posted a 100 days of makeup in a few days. That’s because I’m stopping the challenge now for a while because with work and makeup school fast approaching I just don’t know how I’m going to manage doing makeup and posting everyday. Physically, mentally and any other way I won’t be able to handle it. I might start the challenge again some time later but for now I’ll have to stop at 41 days. Not as far as I’d hoped to get but much further than I imagined me actually getting.

But this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop posting it just means it won’t be every day! I’m going to try and figure out a posting schedule over the next week or two but I’m thinking maybe 3/4 posts a week with a few being makeup looks and then the other’s being other posts like hauls, swatches, reviews or basically anything else!

I am going to finish my Jeffree Chrome Collection miniseries and then do a review on the collection but it just might not be all up and finished for a few days or so.

I hope you all understand and I look forward to be able to put out better content as I can spend that little extra time!


On a final note I just want to say how much of an amazing time I had doing this collab and I can’t wait to do more in the future!

And don’t forget to check all the shots of this collab on mine and ab.beaut’s instagram!

Until next time

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