Lip Fillers: (Almost) 1 Year Later!

About 10 months ago (March 2018) I finally took the plunge and went and got lip fillers for the first time! I’ve had them done one more time since then in August of last year. And I’m still so happy with how they look! I did a post about this after I’d had them done the first time (you can read it here), so I thought it was about time to give a little update on how everything lasted, how I’m feeling now so many months later etc.

When I first had them done alll those months ago I was pretty nervous and even though I’d spent endless nights googling there was still a lot I was unsure about.

What was the healing process like? How long does it last? Does it hurt? What does it feel like afterwards? Do your lips feel lumpy? Can you still wear lipstick and do everything as normal? Basically a whole bunch of question marks around everything.

I had read that the first time you get them done your body breaks the filler down faster so you’ll need them done again within the first 3-6 months I think. Then after that (unless you want fuller lips that need building up) it should last anywhere from 9 months to over a year.


After having 1ml the first time, initially I was surprised how much fuller they were, but a lot of that was due to swelling. Which went away as they healed. So I ended up wishing they were just that little bit fuller, like they were when they were swollen.


So a few months later I went back and had another 1ml to make them just that little bit fuller. And I was super pleased with how they looked then but I was still worried hoping that the filler wouldn’t disappear too quickly. It is quite a bit of money so I didn’t want to have to feel like they needed to be topped up every other month or something

Now it’s been about 10 months and I’m still so so happy with how they look! After the first time the filler did seem to be disappearing a little quicker but now after the second time, it’s now 6 months later and I don’t feel like they’ve changed so much size-wise. I’m not planning on getting them touched up for another few months yet.


I have learnt so much over the past few months and most of the answers to my questions I only found out through experience. So I thought I’d answer my own questions for anybody who’s still unsure whether to take the plunge and get lip fillers!

What was the healing process like? I personally seem to be pretty prone to bruising. Both times (as you could see in the pictures) I got pretty visible bruises. But it was nothing that hurt. It was mostly just uncomfortable with the swelling and keeping them well moisturied. I would recommend getting them done when you have a few days off, especially if you work somewhere with a lot of people.

How long does it last? I kind of answered this already, but the first treatment I don’t think counts under the regular lasting times people and clinics state. But after the second treatment I’d say they can last anywhere up to a year and still look amazing!

Does it hurt? Obviously the actual stabbing of the needle can hurt a bit and it does feel strange when the fillers being injected but I mean if you’ve had piercings or tattoos in the past then I can’t see you having any major problems!

What does it feel like afterwards? Strange. Not necessary painful, maybe a little uncomfortable but just a little strange. For the first few months you can actually feel it in your lips, I know that sounds strange but it’s just an unusual sensation. But definitely nothing that’s uncomfortable or painful!!

Do your lips feel lumpy? Mine did for a little while the first few months, but now when everything’s settled I don’t feel any lumps at all! I do know if it’s not injected properly then you can get lumps and other strange things. Which is why you should always go to a trained professional!

Can you still wear lipstick and do everything as normal? Yes!! I still wear lipsticks, lipgloss, liquid lipsticks and use lip scrubs all as normal! So this is nothing to worry about!!

I also can’t say how much I recommend SysterStephanie in Olofström Sweden. My experience with her has been absolutely amazing and I won’t be going anywhere else! Even when half my top lip became swollen and I started to stress like a crazy person, she was so reassuring and helpful! (Who knew that after being ill your lips can swell up and that’s totally normal?!) So if you’re in the area then I 100% recommend you checking her out on Instagram or Facebook!


As always if you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them!

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