My Lip Filler Experience!

Nearly a month ago now I finally took the plunge and went and got my lip filler! It had been something I’d been dreaming of doing for a while but, between working up the courage to do it and justifying spending so much money on a cosmetic procedure, it took a while to actually get there. I am in no way saying everybody needs lip fillers or should go out and get them. I’m just sharing my personal experience which will hopefully help others in some way.


So the reason I started thinking about lip fillers is, whenever I wore lipstick I would always overline my lips. Not by a lot but enough that I felt conscious about it being noticeable. I just wished I could do something so that I could just follow my natural lipline without worrying I would end up overlining too much (which believe me can happen very easily, like eyeliner you should add a bit here and a bit there to make it even and before you know it you’ve overlined too much and it’s definitely noticeable.) I’m not saying theres anything wrong with overlining your lips, like I love how it looks on other people (MakeupbyJaack for example) but I just wasn’t crazy about how it looked on my lips.

Then after thinking about this for a while and thinking more and more about how great lip fillers would be I started to notice people’s lips more as I scrolled through instagram. My idea of perfect lips are definitely Jaclyn Hill‘s and Karen/ iluvsarahii

At this point I was sure I wanted to do it at some point and everytime I applied lipstick I wanted to go straight away but I guess I still hadn’t 100% committed at this point. (Hopefully that makes sense) Like to me it was still quite a big deal, even though it’s not permanent, it’s in the centre of your face and what do you do if something goes wrong?

Throughout this whole period I’d been looking at places I could get it done, checking out prices, what information they had on their sites etc. I eventually stumbled upon an instagram page called SysterStephanie where after looking through her pictures and I went onto her booking website to read a little more about everything. She’s a qualified nurse and is qualified for cosmetic injections, she’s based only about 20 minutes drive from my house and all her pictures looked really good! The only thing I was a little worried about was most places I’d seen used juvederm for their fillers but she stated she used Stylage which was something I couldn’t remember seeing before.

I googled a little but couldn’t find much so I messaged and asked what the difference was. She replied the next day and was very informative and told me that Stylage is one of the newer (3rd generation) fillers on the market whereas Juvederm is one of the first. That Stylage is more developed and even contains Mannitol which means the fillers last in the lips a little longer and it lowers the chances of bruising. Both include Hyaluronic acid which is the key ingredient in lip fillers. Of course there are those who prefer Stylage and those who prefer Juvederm. Every question I had, she answered very quickly and always made me feel secure in her answers, I never once felt she was trying to over convince me just so she could earn money.

So, when I eventually came to actually booking a time, I felt safest booking with SysterStephanie. Which to me, of course you have to look at someones previous work and other people’s experiences but, your own gut feeling is also important because going somewhere you feel comfortable is just as important as being impressed by their previous work.


On the day of my fillers I was understandably crazy nervous, but as soon as I arrived I instantly felt calm and any last minute questions were answered and we went through the entire procedure. We decided together that 1ml Stylage would be best as I wanted to be able to see a difference but still keeping everything pretty natural. She took some before pictures, applied some numbing cream (because even after all my piercings and tattoos I was still a little scared it would hurt) and then got started. I’m not going to lie it did hurt just as she put the needle in so I’m glad I went with the numbing cream, but it wasn’t unbearable! When it was over she massaged my lips a little and then took some more photos and I was ready to leave.

I was told the swelling would take a couple days to go down, and she could already tell I was going to get a bruise but also that I’d be really happy as she could already tell they were going to be really nice when everything healed!


Lip Fillers before & directly after
L-R: Right before and right after
Lip Fillers Directly After
Directly after I got my lip fillers
Lip Fillers Day 1 (26/3)
A few hours after when the bruise started to appear. (Day 1)
Lip Fillers Day 2 (27/3)
Next day (day 2) where you can still see the needle holes and the bruising.
Lip Fillers Day 3 (28/3)
Day 3, where the bruise was still pretty visible but the needle holes had healed up.
Lip Fillers before, directly after & healed
L-R: Directly before, directly after and then when they were completely healed.
Wearing Lipstick before & after lip fillers
Wearing lipstick & overlining my lips, then wearing lipstick after the fillers.
Lip Fillers Day 1 & healed
Later the first day and then now when they’re healed


The healing process wasnt that bad apart from the obvious bruise I got. It was a little hard to cover in the beginning as my lips were still pretty sore. Then of course because of the skin being stretched my lips became very dry. To where they started to peel, which meant I ended up slathering my lips in vaseline 24/7. But now when they’re all healed and I see the final result I don’t regret it at all! I’m 110% in love with them! I’ll definitely be going back to SysterStephanie when I have to get them topped up! (Because even after all my worried questions those first few days she always answered professionally, gave me all the information to calm me down so I didn’t get stressed thinking the worst.)

Overall I love my lips now and am so happy I finally got the courage to do it!

But I’d like to say again that nobody ever NEEDS lip fillers. I got them because it was something that would make me happier in myself. There was nothing wrong with my lips before but for me it was something I wanted to do. I guess I’m just trying to say there’s nothing wrong with getting cosmetic procedures or with not getting them as long as you always stay true to yourself and always do things for the right reasons for you!

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